Toasted raw shelled hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are “oilseed” fruits of the hazel tree, that belongs to the Corilus Avellana family. Hazelnuts are contained in a wooden pericarp. Here in Italy the most renowned types are La Tonda Gentile (the Gentile Round) and La Tonda di Giffoni (the Giffoni’s Round).

Raw Shelled hazelnuts are obtained by shelling and throwing away the wooden pericarp and then they get dried out. These are mainly used in the confectionery industry due to their exquisite taste. Raw Shelled hazelnuts can be used for making desserts, ice cream, nougat and confectionery in general. Furthermore they can be used to garnish desserts and they can even be combined with salty foods or used in the cosmetic industry.

These seeds are rich in polyunsaturates ( omega 3 and omega 6) that help lowering blood cholesterol and also contain fibers and a high quantity of vitamin E, B6, Folates and Thiamine and mineral salts as Copper, Iron, Manganese and Calcium.

Available packaging:

  • Cartons of 10 or 5 kg. vacuum
  • 1 kg vacuum pack "NATURE IN BLOOM"